In an effort to help clients determine  the cost for grooming their pet we have a list of example pricing, this doesn't mean this is the price you'll pay but is to be used as a guide. An exact quote can be given upon seeing your pet in person. 

Bath and Brush: (NO trimming with clippers or scissors) Ear cleaning, nail trim, brush out are included:  
Small: Chihuahua, Pugs, Puggle, Beagle under 15”, Etc. $35-45
Medium: Basset, Bulldog, Sheltie, Etc. $55-70
Large: Labs, Pointers, Golden Retrievers Etc. $60-75
XLarge: Great Dane, Cain Corso, Mastiff Etc. $75+
XLarge Hairy Breeds: Huskie, Golden Retrievers, Shepherds, and Bernese Mountain Dog, Etc. $85 and up

Full Groom: (Trimming with clippers or scissors) Ear cleaning, nail trim, brush out and hair styling are included: 
Small haircuts: Shih Tzu, Lhasa, Yorkie, Havaness, Bichon Etc. $62-75 depending size and haircut.
Small Terrier cuts: Westie, Scottie, Welsh Terrier Lakeland, Wire fox Etc.: $70-85, this is for a clipper trim.
Medium Haircuts: Wheaton, Springers, Brittany, Cocker Spaniels Etc. Start at $78 and up.
Large Haircuts: Doodles, Poodles, Waterdogs, Golden, Airedale Etc. Start at $105 and up. 

Hand Strip: (NO clippers or scissors, all work is done with hands or stripping tools) hourly based at 90.00 per hour with a 1hr minimum. 

These prices are based on pets size and temperament as well as coat condition.
This does not include de-matting fees or de-shedding fees of the dog.