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Ron Purcell

Meet the Team


Cheryl A Purcell NCMG

Cheryl and Ron are husband and wife. Together the own and manage Pooch Paws. Dogs are their passion. 
Someday's we can't believe how lucky we are, that we get to work doing something we love.
Not everyone gets to say that.

Cheryl's grooming career started in 1991. A Nationally Certified Master Groomer, Cheryl is known nationally and internationally as one of the industries top Groomers. She has been successfully competing and winning at grooming competitions since 1993, with major wins including, Multiple “Best-In-Show” wins and multiple “Best all around” wins.  A member of the 02, 03, 04, 05, 06 and 07 GroomTeam USA (a group composed of the top 10 groomers in this country). Cheryl also served on the Board of NEPGP (New England Pet Grooming Professionals) for several years, and was the 2005 Groom Team Liaison. She retired in 2010 and is now the Groom Team USA coordinator.
​Ron has a special bond with animals. We hear all the time oh he doesn't like men, but they always Love Ron. Ron takes his passion for animals to work with him every day. When the salon first opened Ron would come in on the weekends to help out then In the early 2000 Ron left his job as a auto mechanic to join his wife in the family business. Soon after he started showing dogs, and today has finished multiple breeds. Ron has become an accomplished groomer and has done a little competition grooming of his own. In addition to being a groomer Ron is also a S.C.U.B.A instructor at North Atlantic Scuba in Marshfield, MA
Pooch Paws is a family Owned and Operated grooming salon. We are a 3rd generation Professional Pet Grooming Family. We have been in business for over Twenty years. 
​Right here in Hanover, Ma.